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Thanks for stopping by and exploring Kelly's witty, bold, and sexy romance coming to you in different flavors: Black romance books, multicultural romance books, contemporary romance books, Blewish romance books, and definitely steamy romance books.

Secrets, Lies, and Romance

The covers of the 3 books in the Secret Ties series. A Kiss From the Past is blue with a pink ring, pink Magen David, and pink sports car. Two Sides of A Secret is deep purple with a capitol building, kippah, and motorcycle. The Key to Forever is dark green with a shofar, DNA strand, and guitar.

The Secret Ties Series

Secret Ties website post.png
A snippet from the Publishers Weekly review of Two Sides of a Secret along with the book cover and a bouquest of pink flowers.

Seductively Tasty

All 3 book covers in The Everheart Brothers of Texas series. An Acquired Taste is purple and red with a white man in a chef's uniform tossing vegetables in a wok and a Black woman carrying a bowl of vegetables, also dressed in a chef's uniform. A Tasty Dish is green and yellow with a Black woman carrying a film clapper board and a white man dressed in a chef's uniform. Tastes So Sweet is a blue and purple cover with a Black woman typing on a laptop and a white man dressed in a chef's uniform offering her a cupcake.

The Everheart Brothers of Texas

Columns identifying all 3 books in the The Everheart Brothers of Texas series and a list of their tropes.
Library Journal's starred review of An Acquired Taste with the book cover and a plate with coffee, strawberries, and blackberries.
A snippet of the Publishers Weekly review for An Acquired Taste along with the book cover next to a cup of purple tea and pomegranites.

Witty, Bold, and Sexy Romance

To say Casie Armstrong is shy on first dates is an understatement. When she receives a Twitter message from a tattooed, self-identifying IT nerd, she finds comfort in online anonymity. After weeks of messaging, texting, and phone calls, they finally decide to meet. When they do come together, will it be as hot as their online hookups? Or will Casie revert to her normal introverted self?

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In Déjà You, five authors share stories of second chances, as varied in telling as the writers themselves.

Some of the stories are sweet, some sad, some steamy, but all carry the same theme. Déjà You is a collection of stories for those who believe in love, but most of all, second chances.

It’s difficult to mix OIL & WATER, a Happily Ever After Collective exclusive novella.

🪀Childhood friends reunited

🍯Stuck together

🛢️Oil rig rough necks


🏡Messy family stuff

💦 Steam

🏭Workplace romance



I hadn't read this author's work before and didn't know what to expect, but it didn't take long to get intrigued when I started reading thanks to the humor and easygoing writing.



There are only a few contemporary romcoms that truly hold my heart-- most of the time I may really enjoy them but they become forgettable after a certain point. Not this one. This is a re-read, dog-ear, tell all your friends about kind of book.



And it has everything I’ve come to expect from her books: great food, a no-nonsense heroine, and giving me all the feels when it comes to family and friends.


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