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Two Sides of A Secret is deep purple with a capitol building, kippah, and motorcycle.

TWO SIDES OF A SECRET is an adoption romance book. This is book 2 in the Secret Ties series and available now.


💙Adoptee Romance

💙Political Fixer

💙Secret Family Ties

💙Only One Bed

💙Only One Sleeping Bag

💙Steamy Romance



Her family history has more thorns than roses…

Lauren Steele has always been grateful for her adoptive family’s love and support. So much so that she takes over the family floral business when her parents retire, despite her dreams of working on political campaigns. Instead of crafting clever speeches, she spends her days writing out romantic messages on behalf of her clients—a bittersweet reminder that she’s never been on the receiving end of one of these orders. She’s accepted her simple life, until the sexiest man she’s ever met walks into her shop looking for a job.


Ben Specter fixes problems for a living, and he’s been hired to investigate Lauren. His client is a wealthy, powerfully connected man running for governor, and Ben’s research unearthed a massive skeleton in the man’s closet—a secret older sister that his mother never mentioned. Getting closer to Lauren is strictly business, but the more time Ben spends with her, the more the lines between work and pleasure blur.

But when his deception is revealed, will Lauren be able to trust Ben and believe that what they shared was real?


Adoption discovery, death of birth parent (background).

Series information

The adoption romance book, TWO SIDES OF A SECRET is out now. This is book 2 in the Secret Ties series. The release of book 3 will be in 2023 as well. An adoptee centers all 3 books along with a love interest somehow tied to their journey. They have both a Black and Black Jewish main character. The POV is dual, told from both main characters. The setting is primarily in Berkley, CA, but occasionally travel to other parts of CA.


Links for TWO SIDES OF A SECRET are below:

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