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The Key to Forever is dark green with a shofar, DNA strand, and guitar.

THE KEY TO FOREVER is an adoption romance book. This is book 3 in the Secret Ties series and is available now.


💙Adoptee Romance

💙Childhood Friends to Lovers

💙He Wants True Love, She Wants a Fling

💙Deep Family Secrets



She doesn’t need a man, but she does want a family.

Tori Matheny comes from a family of strong women who are all close and happily single. She plans to live the same way—an occasional fling, but never settling down. What’s the need? She is, however, curious about her birth family despite her adoptive mom and aunts strongly discouraging her search. Tori’s always known she was adopted and has never been able to shake her lifelong curiosity. When she runs into a childhood friend with plenty of time on his hands, he seems like the ideal candidate to help with her search.

After a nomadic lifestyle serving for years in the Veterinarians Without Borders program, Ethan Borden is permanently home and finally ready to settle down—buy a home, marry, and have children. He’s always had a crush on Tori, so when she asks him for help, he’s hopeful it’s the beginning of so much more.

Ethan is happy to help Tori find her birth family, but when Tori learns Ethan is hiding a deep family secret, can their budding relationship survive the generational betrayals?


Adoption discovery, death of birth birth parent (background), betrayal from close family members.

Series information

The adoption romance book, THEY KEY TO FOREVER is out now. This is book 3 in the Secret Ties series. An adoptee centers all 3 books along with a love interest somehow tied to their journey. They have both a Black and Black Jewish main character. The POV is dual, told from both main characters. The setting is primarily in Berkley, CA, but occasionally travel to other parts of CA.


Links for THEY KEY TO FOREVER are below:

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