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A Kiss From the Past is blue with a pink ring, pink Magen David, and pink sports car.

A KISS FROM THE PAST is an adoption romance book. This is book 1 in the Secret Ties series and available now.


💙Adoptee Romance

💙Secret Family Ties

💙Only One Bed

💙Messy Family Dynamics

💙Steamy Romance



Everything she thought she knew about herself is a lie.

Nichelle Sampson is living the life she always dreamed of. She’s a political science professor like her father, is in her sorority’s leadership like her mother, and has wonderful friends. The only thing missing is romance. But when a letter and mysterious ring arrive, Nichelle’s perfect life is shattered. She’s shocked to learn that she’s adopted, bi-racial, and her origin story isn’t what her parents claimed. Looking for the truth, Nichelle sets out to unlock the secrets behind her birth family through the heirloom ring.

Geochemist Clark Lin-Lee prefers spending time alone in his lab, but when a beautiful professor visits his family jewelry store intent to solve a mystery, he agrees to accompany her. Clark should say no—he has his own unresolved family history and is secretly scheduled to testify against Nichelle’s mother’s company in his latest conservation case. But Nichelle is as persuasive as she is sexy, and for the first time in his life, Clark is ready for an adventure.

Can Nichelle and Clark wade through the increasing questions together or will secrets drive them apart?


Adoption discovery, death of birth sibling(background), sibling illness.

Series information

The adoption romance book, A KISS FROM THE PAST is out now. This is book 1 in the Secret Ties series. The release of books &  3 will be in 2023 as well. An adoptee centers all 3 books along with a love interest somehow tied to their journey. They have both a Black and Black Jewish main character. The POV is dual, told from both main characters. The setting is primarily in Berkley, CA, but occasionally travel to other parts of CA.


Links for A KISS FROM THE PAST are below:

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